Velferden Ny-Ålesund

How to get by in an arctic settlement

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Saturday nights are bar-nights, from around 21:00 to not later than 02:30. Each week another team stands behind the desk, hence it is wise to remember some things:

Before opening

  • Pick up the moneybox (and the key to Mellagret) at the kitchen
  • Bring coffee, ice cubes and lemon/lime from the kitchen
  • Feel free to bring your own music

During the evening


  • Beer and cider: 15 kr
  • Wine: 15 kr
  • Drinks: 20 kr (4 cl alcohol, soda)
  • Ny-Ålesund coffee: 25 kr (2 cl cognac, 2 cl baileys, coffee)
  • Soda/Softdrinks: 10 kr


  • Use the measuring cups! No more than 4 cl alcohol in each drink!
  • Alcohol can be served from 21:00 - 02:30. People must be out at 03:00

After closing

(can be done on Sunday)

  • Empty the thermo cans and bring them to the kitchen
  • Empty and turn off the dishwasher
  • Clean all counters, tables, toilets and floors
  • Fill up the bar from the storages in Servicebygget
  • Empty the garbage bins. Bring the garbage, cans and empty bottles to the recycling center in Servicebygget
  • Put used/dirty mops etc in front of the laundry room in first floor in Servicebygget
  • Deliver the moneybox at the kitchen the first day after your bar duty
  • Check the ashtray on the porch


  • Only the staff is allowed behind the bar
  • If something is missing/running out from the bar and the storages, tell it to someone from the bar committee (Nina)
  • Very intoxicated are not be served (except with water/coffee)
  • Beer/wine is not be served to persons that are younger than 18 years. Age limit for drinks is 20 years.
  • Everyone must pay! There is no credit
  • It is NOT allowed to have “after party” in the bar. The only people that are allowed to stay after 03:00 are the persons that have bar duty!
  • It is not allowed to smoke inside
  • It is not allowed to take photos inside or outside the bar, after 22:00.


Bar routines as PDF.

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