Velferden Ny-Ålesund

How to get by in an arctic settlement

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General Information

Velferden Ny-Ålesund offers three rental boats to all members of the Velferden. Drivers need to have a boat driving license if they are born after 1.1.1980. Damages on the boat have to be covered by the driver (name on the list). You are traveling on your own risk, Velferden does not have an insurance for driver or passengers on the boats.


1 period 8 hours 100,-
2 periods 16 hours 200,-
3 periods 24 hours 280,-
4 periods 32 hours 360,-
5 periods 40 hours 420,-
6 periods
(max renting time)
48 hours 480,-

Instructions for rental boats

  • Reservation of boats is made by writing your full name on the reservation list (on the white board in the service building)
  • Check the boat for damages and that it has a full tank before leaving
  • Report damages and problems to the boat committee
  • Fill the tank after your trip and leave the boat tidy
  • Please pay the same day as you come back from your trip, there’s a green mailbox next to the white board for the payment.
  • Put the money in an envelope, mark it with your name and date and leave it in the mailbox
  • even if you are by law allowed to drive a boat make sure you can drive a boat before damaging yourself and/or others. If in doubt, ask the committee.


Dag Lennart, Oddbjørn and Gaute

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