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What the committee does

Velferden has three computers. Two are in the top floor of the Service building, above the Zeppelin Lounge. There's a printer connected to a USB switch. Before you print you should check that the correct computer is selected on the switch.

The two computers run Windows 7. They have web browsers, Skype, Picasa, and LibreOffice (an office suite that can read and write most Word & Excel documents, but not always perfectly). There's also a webcam and a headset w/ microphone for each computer.

The computers are free to use for everybody. Make sure you log off Facebook, Skype and your email when you leave.

The third computer is the music computer in Mellageret/Zeppelin Lounge. It's a small netbook computer which runs Spotify. There's also some music stored on the computer, accessible for example by selecting “Local files” in Spotify. This is useful if the network is down.


The committee makes sure the computers are functional, and that they are up to date with security updates. The two computers above Zeppelin lounge are old and probably can't be upgraded much more than they are now.

The music computer uses Spotify for music when possible. We have a premium account on Spotify. The account email and password is written on the computer. The easiest way to renew the Spotify subscription is to buy a gift card to that account on and then ask the accountant for a refund. The computer also has a Linux partition, in case somebody prefers to use that.

If the network connection doesn't work in Zeppelin or Mellageret, there's not much we can do about that except inform the Kings Bay electrician.


Guillaume (AWIPEV)

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