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How to get by in an arctic settlement

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Movies, DVDs

There is a huge collection of DVDs in the Samfunnshuset1), in the corridor to the common room (use the main entrance (on the road-side of the building), turn left and right, if you enter the gym you're wrong).
Lists of movies, ordered by name or number

To hire a movie 

image001.jpg Sign the rental list with name, number and date. For the return, sign with date, then we know that the movie is delivered back.

Please try, especially with new releases to deliver the movies back as soon as possible, other people may be waiting :-)
From May 2013 we use the list and not the book, it is falling apart :-)

It is very nice if you take a look at home for old movies, it is easy to forget and many numbers missing.
If any movies are missing or broken, please report it to Trine so she can remove them from the list.

If anybody likes to donate movies to Velferden, please give them to Trine first (for registration).

New movies are ordered regularly, there is a wishlist from now and then.

Enjoy the movie!



Trine Karoliussen, reception

check on map:
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