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How to get by in an arctic settlement

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 +====== Sauna ======
 +There are two saunas in the [[facilities:​samfunnshuset:​start|Samfunnshuset]]((check on map: [[:​map?​zoom=centre&​highlight=sh|{{:​map:​townmap_z_centre.png?​nolink&​75|(image)}}]])),​ one for ladies and one for gentlemen. Once in a while there is a mixed sauna (usually in the men's one, since it offers, for historical reasons, more space), which is if not announced then at least indicated by a "mixed sauna"​-sign on the door to the dressing room.
 +===== Reminder for use =====
 +  * do not adjust the temperature above 75°C (sorry to all friends of Finnish sauna)
 +  * make sure the ventilation is on (there is a button outside the dressing rooms, just press it if unsure) and leave the door closed (both to prevent fire-alarms)
 +  * additives/​scents (aka. "​German sauna"​) put into the water only sparingly or not at all
 +  * use a towel to sit on
 +  * clean up after yourself
 +  * have fun ;-)
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