Velferden Ny-Ålesund

How to get by in an arctic settlement

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 +====== Samfunnshuset ======
 +The Samfunnshuset (//​samfunn//​ = community) is the long, red building located between the hotel and the shop.((check on map: [[:​map?​zoom=centre&​highlight=sh|{{:​map:​townmap_z_centre.png?​nolink&​75|(image)}}]])) ​
 +The northern wing (to the right when you come in through the main etrance) contains rooms, the other half of the building contains a gym but has also facilities to be used as big seminar room. The connecting corridor branches off to a common room (from which again you reach the tanning booth), a collection of [[committees:​dvd:​|DVDs]] and two dressing rooms/​showers/​[[sauna|saunas]]. ​
 +On the outside, facing the hotel, you can find the [[committees:​jacuzzi:​|jacuzzi]]. ​
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