Velferden Ny-Ålesund

How to get by in an arctic settlement

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Service Building

The service building1) is probably the first house you entered and the last one you leave (unless you came or will leave by boat), since the bus from the airport arrives/departs here and you have to register in the reception.

Like the name might suggest, the service building is a central place. On the ground floor, you can find:

  • reception / front desk
  • public phone (with phone cards)
  • garage / parcel store
  • restrooms
  • laundry room
  • medical room
  • waste containers
  • mailboxes
  • messa / dining-hall

On the first upper floor Kings Bay has most of its offices (where you shouldn't sneak around unless you have good reason, so preferably use the stairs from the dining hall), but there are as well:

check on map:
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