Velferden Ny-Ålesund

How to get by in an arctic settlement

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 +====== Service Building ======
 +The service building((check on map: [[:​map?​zoom=centre&​highlight=service|{{:​map:​townmap_z_centre.png?​nolink&​75}}]])) is probably the first house you entered and the last one you leave (unless you came or will leave by boat), since the bus from the airport arrives/​departs here and you have to register in the reception.
 +Like the name might suggest, the service building is a central place. On the ground floor, you can find:
 +  * reception / front desk
 +  * public phone (with phone cards)
 +  * garage / parcel store
 +  * restrooms
 +  * laundry room
 +  * medical room
 +  * waste containers
 +  * mailboxes
 +  * messa / dining-hall
 +On the first upper floor Kings Bay has most of its offices (where you shouldn'​t sneak around unless you have good reason, so preferably use the stairs from the dining hall), but there are as well:
 +  * "​Zeppelin lounge"​ with TV and, during winter, the Saturdays'​ [[committees:​bar:​start|bar]]
 +  * stairs further up to the public [[committees:​computer:​start|computer]] area / [[table soccer]] / board-game section
 +  * [[billiard|pool billiard]] room / [[facilities:​library#​service|library]]
 +  * restrooms
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