Velferden Ny-Ålesund

How to get by in an arctic settlement

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Well, or maybe not that new news, everything burning under your nails is definitely better to take directly to the people or the white board in the service building. And that is also, where you best can get informed, by asking others and looking at the white board from now and then (and that is easy, as you pass it every time you get your meals).

However, both the memory of people (or, if you want, the “gathered knowledge of people present in town”) and the capacity of the white board are limited1). Consider this as a kind of archive of (more or less) archiving-worthy news then.

Definitely a good idea is to write news around the homepage here, since they are of little help when written on the white board.

New Homepage online

12.4.2013 – The new homepage is an attempt to gather as much as possible information around the Velferden in Ny-Ålesund. Its wiki-concept is supposed to make it easy for anyone to contribute, all you need is to register (your data will not be sold to anyone and is only stored on the server to allow you to authenticate yourself).

whereas I'm not that sure about the latter…;-)
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