Velferden Ny-Ålesund

How to get by in an arctic settlement

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Who is who at Velferden

<BOOKMARK:board> Board
Leader Moritz Sieber, Kartverket
Deputy Stefan Johansson, Kings Bay
Treasurer Anne Hilde Sveen, Kings Bay
Secretary Anne-Cathrine Nilsen, Norsk Polarinstitutt
<BOOKMARK:committees> Committees
Bar Nina Weseth, Kings Bay
Geir Mathiassen, Kartverket
Boats Dag Lennart Andersson, Kings Bay
William Engesland, Kings Bay
Gaute Hermansen, Kings Bay
Cabins Hallgeir Reitan, Kings Bay
Eivind Aasen, Kings Bay
Tore Storm Jordtveit, Kings Bay
<BOOKMARK:computer>Computer Guillaume Combescure, AWIPEV
Gym Gunn Oftedal, Kings Bay
Jonny Sjøvoll, Kings Bay
Jacuzzi Sébastien Barrault, Kings Bay
Hallgeir Reitan, Kings Bay
Kayaks Martha Jansen, Norsk Polarinstitutt
Wiebke Aldenhoff, AWIPEV
Movies, DVDs Trine Karoliussen, Kings Bay
Newspaper & Magazines Gunn Oftedal, Kings Bay
Scooter-garage1) Stefan Johansson, Kings Bay
Erik Haug, Kings Bay
Survival Suits <BOOKMARK:christiane_hubner>Christiane Hübner, Norsk Polarinstitutt
Workshop Trine Sivertsen, Kings Bay
Hasse Carlson, Kings Bay
in the scooter garage a lot of equipment is stored, so although it sounds like a “facility” it can be a committee, too
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